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  • Plane: Jamara 032305

  • Volleyball ball: MVA300

  • Football ball: FB-D3

  • Football ball: SC3050

  • Toy: Chicco Stop and Go CH07414 Age: 2+ The only track your little one needs for exciting racing games created for the mini touch-charge cars. Use the elevator to reach the top and race down the 2 ramps!

  • Toy: Chicco Baby Star guitar 43823 Age: 12m+ This toy electric guitar comes with 3 play modes, 15 pre-recorded tunes and 3 music genres – rock, blues and reggae.

  • Toy: Chicco Speaking Machanic CH69040 Age: 2-5 age Through clever songs, sounds, and baby-friendly tools, The Talking Mechanic car teaches Baby about the different parts on a car, and how to fix it!

  • Toy: Chicco Ring Tower Age: 6m+ A pyramid composed of 6 rings of different sizes to be positioned on the base, from the largest to the smallest. By catching and stacking them, the baby develops the colors and the motor capacity of his hands.

  • Toy: Chicco Fantasy Island Age: 9-36m Battery: 2 AA The toy is the best way to increase child's mind.

  • Age: 8+ Max distance: 15m Speed: 8,04km/h Battery operation 3 AAA and 4 AA Size: 12.7 X 19.05 X 13.65cm Brand: Nikko

  • Age: 5+ Max speed: 12km/h Charge time: 5h Using time: 45min Battery operation: 5AA Material: plastic,metal Scale: 1:14 Brand: Rastar

  • Age: 3+ Max speed: 15km/h Charge time: 5h Using time: 45min Battery operation: 6AA Material: plastic,metal Scale: 1:18 Brand: Rastar

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